10 High Fiber Foods

1 BananasServing size: 1 large bananaFiber: 3.5 grams 2 Black beanServing size: 1 cupFiber: 15 grams 3 RaspberriesServing size: 1 cupFiber: 8 grams 4 AlmondsServing size: 2 ouncesFiber: 7 grams 5 Chia seedsServing size: 2 tablespoonsFiber: 8 grams 6 BroccoliServing size: 1 cupFiber: 5 grams 7 Sweet potatoesServing size: 1 cupFiber: 4 grams 8 ApplesServing […]

Where Female Athletes Go Wrong

A couple months ago, I had an opportunity to be a guest speaker at a female wrestling camp in Traverse City, Michigan. This wasn’t just any female wrestling camp-this was THE top female wrestlers in the state of Michigan between the ages of 13-17. They know what they are doing AND they are phenomenal athletes. […]

30 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The 30 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat DailyBY NINA BAHADUR, MELISSA MATTHEWS AND PERRI O. BLUMBERGPUBLISHED: MAY 3, 2023 1 Quinoa“A high-fiber diet has been shown to lower levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation that your doctor can test for,” Ansel says. “The trouble is, most of us don’t get half the fiber we need, so working it in at every meal […]