There’s so much life you gain when you focus on your health vs focusing on the number on the scale

Yeah, it’s cool losing 11# of fat mass BUT this comparison photo is really about saying YES to my health again and empowering others to look at their health journey differently.

The last 2.5 years have been a whirlwind to say the least. It’s been the most stressful season of my life.
– Sleepless nights
– Sever numbness in my arms & hands daily
– A deregulated nervous system
– Anger & resentment
– Adult acne
– Mentally overwhelmed
– Emotionally disconnected with myself
– Being a single mom with a side hustle to make sure my kids had what they needed
– Pressure to keep growing my business
And I’m sure more I’m forgetting in this moment!

A lot has changed since the beginning of 2023! I knew I had the mind space to start focusing on my health again. Back in April, I started working with my hormone cycle coach and my fitness coach. Both for 2 very different reasons. (And I’ve recently added weekly private yoga sessions 6 weeks ago)

From April until now…
– I feel empowered
– I’m so much more aware of what my body goes through every month hormonally. So it’s never a “why am I feeling like this!?”
– I’m nicer to myself
– I sleep through the night
– I’ve learned how to regulate my nervous system
– I go outside daily – I eat 95% all whole food
– I went dairy free (no I didn’t loss extra weight going dairy free)
– I move my body daily with intention
– My workouts suck and I know my coach is smarter than me so I just go with the flow
– I’m challenging myself to try something new (bike race at the end of the month)
– I still deal with adult acne which I hired a new doctor to help me out with
– I’ve learned to love being in silence
– I feel alive
– When I wake up in the morning I’m grateful
– Cold water has been a favorite Tuesday/Thursday thing for me to do
– The numbness in my hands is 95% gone
– Understanding that anger & resentment is just a way to control a situation I couldn’t control in the first place
– I’ve learned it’s okay to not be okay
– Allowing myself to feel my feelings (I no longer schedule my cry sessions)
– Scheduling lunch breaks in my workday were a great choice
– Giving myself permission to say no to work and yes to myself & family has been the biggest stress relief
– Doing things, I love and doing them often
– Slowing life down
– Things that are hard in life doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

There’s so much life you gain when you focus on your health vs focusing on the number on the scale 💪🏼 I encourage you when you start your health journey to write down your wins so you can look back and see all that you’ve accomplished ❤️



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