New Years Resolution have never been my thing…

I’m someone that focuses on goals all year round and typically don’t make “New Year’s Resolutions”, BUT there was something stirring inside of me for this coming year to set a goal, a word or intention.

I sat on it and wrestled with the idea for weeks because I’m always focused on goals all year long. I kept thinking 💭 What more can I add? I’m doing everything I love

AND that’s when it hit me…. It’s NOT about adding more.

This year is about saying NO so I can do more of what I love.

Saying NO is going to give me more of what my heart desires and more time with my family ❤️

So this New Year if I say NO to you, it’s because of me, not you! It’s what my heart desires for myself and more time with my family in this season of life.

2024 = slowing down life to actually being present in the moment



Hear what a few of our balanced warriors have said!

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