Respect & Honor ❤

After my swim this morning I sat in the sauna to take a moment to breathe and be present with myself.

My thoughts went from,

– that was a great workout
– I cannot believe how far I’ve come in 3 months
– Remember how scared you used to be of the water?
– Why did it take me 36 years to actually start enjoying such an incredible part of nature?

As my thoughts went from “great job body” to “why haven’t you” I instantly felt this overwhelming feeling of respect and honor to my body. I thought to myself…

“Corissa, it’s time to stop having expectations on what your body needs to do and honor what it does for you”

I sat there and thought about how incredible our bodies are.

When we get sick, tired, overwhelmed or are in pain, our body is telling us it’s time to slow down. Something’s not right… let’s figure this out together.

When we do something we’ve never done before, our body is tells us we are capable of challenging ourselves. How awesome is that ✌🏼

And for females… honoring our cycles ❤️ it such a big part of who we are. We were given this gift of hormones that our body goes through every month. Instead of shaming how our body feels and just “push through” respect it! It’s telling you something important.

I’m so grateful for this moment in the sauna today! And I’m so grateful my body is never against me and is always for me ❤️ your body is telling you something, don’t dismiss it! Respect and honor it



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